Super Addictive?


A lot of people out in the world really enjoy drinking coffee in the morning because it helps them wake up and be a better, more productive person in the morning hours, but for a lot of people including myself coffee just seems really unhealthy and super addictive, and if you are anything like myself you want to stick away from things that tend to be very unhealthy and addictive. Of course people still want the same boost that coffee gives them without the unhealthy side effects, and that’s why a lot of people choose fine teas to drink in the morning because it will make you feel very alert without the head rush that a strong coffee will give you. I am definitely a very large tea enthusiast, and this particular article is all about talking about fine teas and what they can do for you, so if you are a tea enthusiast yourself then you have come to the right article because we are just about to delve into the very cool and awesome lifestyle drinking tea offers people and the best and finest teas the world has to offer.


Everyone has heard the phrase All the tea in China, and the truth of the matter is that the best and finest teas probably do come from China and other parts of Asia, it’s just the cold hard facts of life when it comes to luxury tea. The first fine tea we are going to discuss is called the Adagio Golden Yunnan, and it’s this tea that actually has a golden hue to it that also makes it very unique through its rich smoky flavor and nice aroma that is unique to its brand. Of course this tea is found in China.


The next tea that is super fine and great is called the Elemental Tea Kenya Black Dryer Mouth. You might think the name of this tea is tongue twister, and that’s because it is, but the flavor of this tea is also a tongue twister because it will make you feel like you have just had some of the strongest tea in the entire world, and that’s because this tea is some of the strongest and best flavored tea money can buy.


Next we have the Golden Moon Rasa Sinharaja Black Tea, which is from Sri Lanka and is definitely a very strong tea that also has a flowerish taste that everyone seems to be really enjoying.
But for the everyday, American consumer you might think how the hell can I get any of this fine tea without breaking an arm or a leg? And the truth is that there are specialty tea stores like TEAVANNA in many malls all over the United States that offer really great prices on some of the finest types of teas in the world. So you don’t have to think so hard about getting the good stuff, you can always order it online or go to a specialty tea store and start drinking that good tea that everyone really likes these days.

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White Tea

You may be hungry now after all this exploring and may want something more filling that what the tea houses offer. So you may like to settle for some breaded deep fried pork that is served with rice, shredded cabbage, miso soup along with some delicate Japanese pickles with a side of Tonkatsu sauce that is something like a thickened Worcestershire sauce–but it is much sweeter.

It is time to rest for the evening now; because you will have a big day the next day as you will be travelling to Kobe, which is Japan’s tenth largest city and is considered to be a very lovely city as it is located between the sea and a mountain range.For years, it has been considered a major port city.

You can take a cruise in the Harbor Bay and even enjoy some fine Indian cuisine in the area if your palate by now is craving something a little different from Japanese cuisine. Enjoy the herb garden and ropeway. Also, explore the city’s zoo that has been honored with a certificate of excellence. Enjoy the bright frolickingflamingos.

You will also want to take time to travel to see Japan’s finest castle in the western edge of the Kansai region of Japan. This amazing castle is named as the Himeji Castle. What makes it stand out is the fact that it has not been damaged in any way over the years and therefore stands in its original form, because of not being destroyed in any of its parts by earthquakes, storms, fire or war. All other castles in Japan that are standing today are ones that have undergone some sort of restoration.

You now likely are ready for some good food to try again, since your stomach is rumbling with hunger after all these wonderful activities. You may wish to try some rice with stewed beef on top in a luxurious gravy. There are Japanese deep fried fritters that are filled with delicious mashed potatoes and chicken. Be adventurous and even try some octopus that has been breaded and deep fried!

Before you pack up and head for home, likely you will want to see the great city of Hiroshima that is known pretty much all over the world. This is a vibrant city with over one million people living there. You can enjoy taking a quick Japanese language class to learn some more Japanese if you plan on returning to Japan sometime in the future as there surely is yet much to explore. Take a notebook along with you to the class so you will remember what you learned, or even record it for further reference. Enjoy plenty of gift shops and some parks. You will also want to make sure that you stop by to visit Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park which symbolizes a desire for world peace. It is a beautiful place and will remind you how good it is to be able to live in your free nation and to openly visit other free nations such as Japan.

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Nori Time

By this time, your stomach may begin to rumble. Maybe you will enjoy some ramen noodles topped with pork, nori and negi. Maybe you will opt for some more Japanese white rice and a side of Japanese curry, which is some type of meat swimming in a dark savory Japanese curry sauce. You can drizzle some of the extra sauce on top of the white rice to make it extra tasty.

You will want to put away any electronic souvenirs you purchased, wash up and get ready for bed at a good time; because there is going to be much to do when you go to Hakone, which is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. It is about less than one hundred km from the city of Tokyo.

In Hakone, you will enjoy the hot springs that the place is famous for, you will be able to partake of many wonderful outdoor activities, you will appreciate the natural beauty of the place and you will be thrilled as you take a cable ride over the grand Fuji mountain that is covered with some snow at its tips.

You will likely have worked up a big appetite now and may decide to enjoy some chicken skewers that have chicken on them that has been glazed with different delectable sauces that you are sure to enjoy. You may add some soba noodles, which basically are Japanese buckwheat noodles that are served hot or cold with a wonderful array of toppings that are delicious. You can even order some fried chicken, which will remind you a bit of home while you are away from home.

Then it will be time to check into your luxurious Japanese style accommodations for the night in Hakone; because there will be much to do the next day in Kyoto, which was once the capital of Japan. It is a vibrant, modern city that still has touches of the old word with a bustling, busy population of one million and four hundred thousand people.

You will enjoy touring the Nijo Castle, which was built by Tokugawa Ieyasu. The palace building has now been named to be Ninomaru and was finished in its entirety by the end of the year of 1603. A bit later, it was somewhat enlarged by his grandson, who was named Iemitsu.

Toei Studio Park is amusing where you will see actors performing various things for tourists. You can dress up in costumes as well. The sword fights are extravagant.

You will want to wander the Gion District as well to see old traditional Japanese wooden buildings, shops, and geisha, which are Japanese women with white painted faces wearing kimonos and sandals as they serve you tea and fine delicate Japanese pastries. Tourists love to take pictures of these women. The Gion District in Hakone is the primary area of Japan where geisha can still be found.

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Palace Plaza

You will really enjoy visiting the Imperial Palace Plaza, which is located on top of the former site of the past renowned Edo Castle. The Imperial Palace Plaza is a lovely and impressive park area that is massive in size. This lovely exotic place is located in the heart of Tokyo and is surrounded by moats and enormous stone walls that will make you feel like you are indeed in a storybook setting. From the large plaza which is located in front of the Imperial Castle, this plaza being named Kokyo Gaien, visitors can take pleasure in viewing two bridges that form the main entrance to the palace grounds. This entrance has been named as Nijubashi, since the people of Japan seem to like to give names to everything.

The Edo Tokyo museum is a wonderful place that will allow you to be able to learn about the history and culture of Tokyo and Japan. It is a rather large place sprawling over thirty thousand square meters, which is considered to be an area almost two and a half times larger than the already impressively large field area of the Tokyo Dome Stadium. It is worth visiting as well to get a feel for a Japanese stadium.

You will want to make sure to get up to Roppongi Hills to do some great shopping. This area had been hit hard economically and was kind of going down hill; but fortunately back in the year of 2003, Japan’s leading developer who is named as Minoru Mori brought the area back to life with many fascinating shops that line the streets. They make it a very exciting place to shop and to find great items at. Many of the middle class of the city of Tokyo now shop in this area.

You will likely be ready for something to eat after all these amazing activities, so there are so many food options to choose from. You do not have to just have sushi if having to eat raw fish seems unappealing to you. You can actually even get a Japanese style hamburger that is open without a bun, can be topped with cheese and is served over a large bed of white traditional Japanese rice.

You will need to get some good rest now again and maybe give your feet a good soak with some Epsom salt to relax them to be ready for some more sightseeing the next day.

You will enjoy some walking in the beautiful spaces that are landscaped with Japanese style in the garden that is called Rikugien: that is one of Tokyo’s lovely masterpieces for sure. There are the wonderful and exquisite features of a pond, islands, forested areas, man-made hills and several tea houses to sit and relax in as you savor Japanese tea. Maybe you will enjoy some wonderful Japanese tea infused with the lovely aroma of sweet jasmine.

If you love electronics, you will be enamored with the Akihabara District, which is known as the electronic district. You will find all the latest in the developments of the electronics world, which are quite impressive. Also, you will also find some electronic devices that will make you laugh, because they are more for just the sake of just existing than rather being useful or necessary. But people like electronics and seem to be drawn to these items anyway, which seem to sell well on the Japanese market. You will surely find something that you like or that you find amusing by how silly it is, which just may cause you to reach for your wallet to buy it as a souvenir to bring home from your trip to Japan.

Traveling Japan

Travelling Japan can be a trip of a lifetime. You will get their unique Asian perspective on things when you travel to the wonderful country of Japan. It is nice that there are tourism companies such as Worldstrides that will set up educational tours for students and teachers of schools. This really is a wonderful educational opportunity that will create some lasting memories for a lifetime. Such tourism agencies as Worldstrides and others will look out for your safety and comfort and will provide you with lots of great opportunities for sightseeing.

When you touch down in Tokyo, it is wonderful to have booked your trip with a tour agency such as Worldstrides; because a tour guide can meet you and your group, which is really beneficial when you don’t know the language, don’t know your way around and don’t know how to look for transportation to get you to your hotel to get your luggage settled in your hotel room, since you will have your own private coach waiting for you. This alleviates a lot of stress and headaches and is a much safer and quicker option of getting to your destination.

Tokyo is a beautiful and bustling city of sixteen million inhabitants that are busy on its streets, at its marketplaces and other areas on a regular basis. Just a little more than over four hundred years ago, Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu had made the decision to transfer the location of his ruling government and power over to the city of Tokyo, which had formerly been called Edo. Soon after Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu moved his ruling government and power to this location, Tokyo had amazingly become the largest city of the nation of Japan. Eventually the great city of Tokyo had become the largest city of the entire world by the end of the eighteenth century, which is quite impressive.

Tokyo shows forth the modern industrialized age and is very high tech in many ways, while still preserving much of the old architecture and ancient sites, which make Tokyo a mix of the modern and the old world. It makes it a very interesting place to be while being in the modern world, but still sensing you are back in time all at the same moment.

After you to go to your hotel to drop off your luggage, you will likely want to experience some great Japanese cuisine–perhaps in the fine restaurant of your hotel or you may wish to order some room service just after a long flight if you are feeling tired. You should just relax, unwind and get plenty of rest; so that you can start your great site seeing adventure of Japan the next day.